Any sales staff or company always needs to succeed in sales. Sales is a complicated activity that requires salespeople or Sales Managers to expert in sales basic principles, mutual items such as market, detailed – specific characteristics of a company’s products, traditional and modern sales technique, warranty service and customer service,….

This “Professional Sales Skill” course is designed by Brain International Education and Training Limited Company - BIET to help all participants become successful salespeople and get a lot of benefit for their company.
* Our aim:
After the course, students will know:
 - Basic principles of Sales and the key to succeed in Sales.
 - Defining and planning Sales logically and successfully.
 - Analyzing, specifying target market, building competition solution for each target market.
 - Setting up their own aim in Sales.
* Teaching method:
Active-Learning Method. It means that student is center of gravity and we help all students approach and solve problems practically. Students are encouraged to contact their activities concretely to discover the matters that have existed and share them with other students as vivid-illustrated examples. Besides, as an instructor and supporter, the trainer applies the “Interactive Method” such as teamwork to help students receive new skills and apply exercises so that they plan their own action after the course.
* Participants:
 - Sales Staffs of all careers.
 - Anyone would like to be a Sales staff.
* Course length: 30 hours  (3 days per week/ 3 hours per day).
* Trainer: MA Lanh Van Le or MA Ty Van Nguyen
* Tuition fee: 1,800,000 VND/ 1 student (Including soft drinks and fast food.)




Subjects and Contents






3 hours

The Fundamentals

* What sales mean to a company?

The Role of the Salesperson

* Representing your company  - * Surveying the market - * Creating new demand

* Advising the customer  - * Attaining the sales targets. 






3 hours

 Keys to success in Sales

* Be honest - * Be always willing and eager to work –

* Strive to make a good impression

Product Knowledge

* The importance of knowing all products offered

* Solid knowledge of your company’s learning tools




3 hours

 Sales Aids

* The effectiveness of sales aids - * Variety of sales aids -* Original sales aids

* The effective use of Direct Mail (DM) - * The “personal” sales letter




3 hours

 Well-planned sales  activities

* The importance of planning in sales - * Application of the P.D.C.A rule

* Apply the rule of P.D.C.A. cycle to all spheres of sales





Sales through visits (sales calls)

* Sales calls strategy - * The active approach to sales –

* How to distinguish prospects - * The prospect visit






3 hours

 Sales Technique

* Purchase psychology - * Know the prospect’s motivations

* The decisive influence of the approach stage

* Conversation patterns that can lead to business

* Effective use of complimentary phrases - * Ask questions –

* Be a good listener - * Call the prospect frequently by name





 Promotion of Sales Negotiation

* What means sales negotiation? - * Sales talks - * How to use the catalog?

* Organize visit of your company’s Facilities






3 hours

 Test Closing

* What is test closing?

* The best time to ask for purchase

* Attention to the closing of the sale




3 hours

Customer Control

* What is customer control? * Follow-up activities * Techniques of follow-up

* Dealing with claims






3 hours

 Self - Control

* The importance of self control

* Methods of self control

* Final words from BIET.


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