You can't miss BIET Language Center's these 34 core subjects if you want to succeed.
Why? These are, afrer having selected, the most essential and important skills for any Vietnamese who would like to succeed in their work and lives. When they have these skills and apply them skilfully and flexibly, their specialized knowledge and work experience will bring into play maximum effectiveness and they, then, surely succeed in their lives. Without these skills, they cannot succeed in any things. Even some people have these skills but they don’t know how to apply them in their work or fields, they don’t succeed, either. Accordingly, we are ready to equip these for those who would like to succeed in their lives with our own way. What is our own way?
I. Bare Theory:
   • Unlike other training centers providing learners with too much prolix theory, we only provide the practical, easily-understandable, concise and brief theory. And learners apply them to succeed in their fields.

II. Experiencing in Reality: We use two ways
•    Practising the lessons at class via activities such as games, play, ….
•    Holding the picnics with activities relating to the lessons so that learners experience, feel, remember forever these lessons and they, then, apply them in their work and lives.

III. Our Core Subjects:
   1. How to Reach Your Goal?
   2. Leadership and Self-Management Skills
   3. Leaning and Being Self-taught
   4. Listening Skills
   5. Work Planning and Organising Skills
   6. Decision Making and Problem Solving
   7. Oral Communication Skill
   8. Communication and Relationship Setting
   9. Creative Thinking and Positive Behaivors
   10. Successful Negotiation Secrets
   11. Effective Time Management
   12. Adapting to Changes
   13. Meeting Management Secrets
   14. Balancing Time for Work, Play and Rest
   15. Work Encouraging Secrets
   16. Teamwork Skill
   17. Customer Service and Management Secrets
   18. Interpersonal Connecting Skills
   19. Health & Workplace Safety
   20. Solving Your “Blind Spot” to Have A Good Job
   21. Greeting – Thank-you & Gratitude – Apology
   22. Cleanness
   23. Saving
   24. Honessty
   25. Forgiveness
   26. Overcoming Fear
   27. Persistence
   28. Self-awareness and Responsibility
   29. Sacrifice
   30. Self – motivation
   31. Loyalty
   32. Filial piety With Parents
   33. Courteousness With Teachers
   34. Affectionateness Towards Friends
Don’t miss the opportunity to practise and experience in these 34 core subjects with BIET Language Center because they are the keys lead to your success.
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