BIET Language Center in Nha Trang helped many students have a new life:

1. Mr.  Ngoc Hoa Vu: Director of Minh Khang Construction Co,.Ltd in Nha Trang city. He was a brick-layer, then, a master builder. His technical skill is good and dexterous. He, however, he usually failed in working with foreign partnets because he could not listen and speak English . His interpreter could not translate his ideas into English and vice versa, neither, so all his negotiations were not successful. And he decided to study English and one English center he chose was BIET Language Center. After two courses, he could listen and speak English a little and he continued learning three courses and now he can listen and speak English well and he himself communicates and negotiates with foreign partners.

2. Mr. Thai Tran Nguyen: Director of T2Design company in Nha Trang city. He is a prgrammer and designs websites and software. He is good at technical skill, but he gets problem with enhancing technical knowledge by reading foreign materials as well as negotiating with his partners. Some his friends introduced BIET Language Center to him and he has studied English in IT here for eight months and now he is good at 04 English; Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing and he can communicate with foreign partners and read foreign materials. Skill. And last time he got three certificates of Google: AdWords Certification, Analytics Certification, Video Advertising Advanced Certification.
These are two of many students who have new lives thanks to studying English at our Center in Nha Trang. Do you want to have a new life like these two people? Come to us in Nha Trang today!
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