All students in Nha Trang city do not need to be afraid of losing English basic because BIET Language Center will guide you the Ways to solve this problem.
Many Vietnamese learners have been studying English continually but not good at it. The reason for this is that you do not learn with right ways, teachers and centers, so you have always got English basic loss. Come to us to get English basic via the following ways! 
Learn Standard Pronunciation.
Standard Pronunciation is an indispensable thing for any languages, especially English. Therefore, our teachers teach you English standrad pronunciation and guide you the ways to practise them untiil you are proficient in them. Without standard pronuciation, you cannot Listen to and Speak Englsih well. So, you cannot miss this if you would like to have English basic.
Learn Vocabularies and Grammar.
Vocabularies and Grammar are necessary and basic factors you must have and you have them as much as posible. Our tachers will provide you with vocabularies and their meaning and guide you how to pronunce each word until you you do it correctly. And teachers also guide you the way to increase your vocabularies. Concurrently, our teachers also teach you from easy to difficult grammar systematically. Next, teachers guide you the ways to handle vocabularies and grammar together, these two English basic parts, to practise speaking until you are proficient in it.
Handle Vocabularies and Grammar together.
This handling procedure incldes 04 steps: Write -> Understand -> Remember -> Handle. Write means that teachers let you copy the lessons. Understand means that teachers explain vocabualries and grammar for you. These two parts belong to the teachers. And your parts are to Remember and Handle. Remember means that you learn by heart vocabularies and grammar. Handle means that you assemble vocabularies and grammar together to practise speaking. You should speak it as much as posible because the more you speak, the more you remember them longer. Moreover, the more you speak, the more you correct your pronunciation until it is right. It is sure that you will have English basic after a short time.
Accordingly, don't be anxious about losing English basic! Come to us at once and you will have English basic!
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